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The Medicine in Your Own Backyard

My meditation teacher once said it has been known to happen, that in areas afflicted with certain diseases, the necessary medicinal plants will begin to spontaneously grow.

Whether the science is true or not, I love the imagery of nature springing up to help us heal.

The message seems to be: the cure for what ails you is often simple and in your own backyard.

In many ways, I think mindfulness and time honored practices like yoga and meditation, are much like those plants. As the world gets louder, faster and busier, more and more people are seeking ways to center themselves and calm their harried nerves. In response, these age-old practices have begun to flourish once again, offering us just the medicine we need to bring balance, contentment and healing to our lives.

From this perspective, it would seem that all of life is constantly seeking to find a way back to alignment and that we can trust that the medicine we need will find its way to us, often in a simple, unassuming form.

What medicine might be popping up in your own backyard today?

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