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Hi, I'm Kate, welcome to my practice! 

Here are five things to know about me

  1. I received my Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling from Loyola University of Maryland with a focus in spiritually integrated psychotherapy and I am licensed to practice in the state of Maryland.  

  2. I try to be in nature every single day--few things make me happier!

  3. I began my career as a therapist working in acute care facilities, first with cancer patients and their families and then with individuals in recovery. Since then, I have worked primarily in out patient settings and have had the privilege of working with clients to heal issues including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, OCD, codependency, addictions, and trauma as well as supported countless clients through life transitions and expansions.  

  4. Before I became a therapist, I taught World Religions and as a therapist, I have worked in schools with students, teachers, and families. I am passionate about learning and see it as a part of my responsibility to my clients to be constantly evolving and growing as a therapist. 

  5. I am fascinated by how interconnected healing is-- how individual healing can lead to communal healing and visa versa; how we cannot heal our bodies without also healing our minds and hearts; and mostly, how healing our planet will require us all work to heal ourselves. 

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