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Individual therapy 

I provide individual therapy to adults and teens over the age of 16.


My approach is based in honoring each client's innate wisdom, strengths, and inner knowing while at the same time offering practical and clear feedback. 


My work is guided by the dual principals of mindfulness-- the ability to be with what is present as it arises-- and self-compassion-- the ability to speak to our selves like we would to a good friend or loved one. 

I work collaboratively with clients to find the pace, tempo, and tools that fit your unique story and needs. When appropriate, I integrate the following modalities into treatment: 

Leaf Pattern Design
Interior Design


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an extensively researched and effective modality for treating trauma and has shown to be helpful in the treatment of issues ranging from acute traumatic memories and PTSD, to anxiety, depression, and addictions. 

EMDR does not rely primarily on talking; rather, through bilateral stimulation of the brain, EMDR allows individuals to work with past memories, sensations, and beliefs that have been keeping them stuck by accessing the brain's ability to heal itself. As a trained EMDR practitioner through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, I will walk you through the process and support you in feeling at peace with the past and more open to the present. 

Navigating in Woods

Taken from the treatment approach known as Internal Family Systems (IFS), "Parts work" refers to the concept that rather than being one cohesive "self" in all situations, we all have many parts that may or may not be in harmony with each other.


For example, a more adult part of us may know how we would like to behave in a relationship or difficult situation while a more child-like part may be having a very different reaction.


By getting to know these parts of ourselves and learning to respond to them accurately and attentively, we can access a much deeper, richer and more peaceful way of being with ourselves and with others. 

Climbing Plants

Parts Work 

Heart Shape
Navigating in Woods

Nature Informed Therapy

As a Certified Nature Informed Therapist through the Center for Nature Informed Therapy, I am passionate about connecting individuals with the healing, transformative power of nature.


Research has illustrated over and over again that time in nature is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health; so much so that just 2 hours of week in nature has been shown to be comparably as effective as anti-depressants

Nature sessions can be as simple as taking our regular sessions outside or take a more active form, such as hikes together. Either way, I will design a treatment plan to fit your own individual needs. 

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